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Hey there, I'm Fran Murphy, and I'm part of a band called Hypertension. I'm 25 years old and from Paisley, Scotland. I would love it if you'd take a few minutes to listen to our tracks and, if you like them, give us a wee like on Facebook! Thanks!

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Over the last three years Verizon paid $52 million to their lobbyists while actually getting a rebate on their federal income taxes of $1.3 billion. So not only does Verizon pays nothing in taxes, they get a tax rebate! While schools close, wages are cut, homes foreclosed upon, and personal debt rises, money goes to corporations like Verizon rather than meeting people’s needs.

For too long, the forces of the 1% have been hurting the people. These Tax Dodgers have been working to tear down what little social services we have.

That is why we are going to Verizon Corporate Headquarters fighting back for the 99%.

Occupy Wall Street


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